My experience with modern web development for the majority of small/medium business has involved a CMS such as Joomla or WordPress. Custom coding (HTML, JavaScript) was typically done for web applications. I’m able to handle back-end server setup in addition to front-end design and development.

Given the popularity of WordPress for most business websites, I have spent the majority of my time with this platform. I have configured and designed many sites over the years for employers as well as clients. I tend to focus on usability, good performance, SEO from a technical standpoint and security, however, I am flexible to the needs of the project.

Mobile/Hybrid App Development

In 2015 the Conservation Council of NB was attempting to launch a Buy Local application to assist the public in locating local food products.

They were in a bind as the hired developer had deserted the project and they needed a prototype to meet a funding deadline. With limited funds and limited time remaining, I was able to provide a solution by using the Ionic framework to create a hybrid mobile application linked to a custom MySQL database containing their data.

It was launched on Google Play for the fall season as well as available as a web app via their website. All project funding

Web Application

To create a rapid prototype that would allow a user to access a web-app allowing them to see data coming from their brewery and interact with it, I choose to work in vanilla JavaScript. Key stack components were MongoDB to handle the volume of data. Eclipse Mosquitto for the IoT messaging and Node-RED to allow rapid connection of hardware and API’s accommodating changes as the prototype evolved.

UI Development

I’ve had the opportunity to work on several user interfaces for web-based applications. These were mostly for commercial/industrial customers with more unique information delivery needs than standard users. These apps were information-heavy, often following design standards for industrial control systems.