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Special Offer for Petryna Clients

As Petryna’s in-house Website Developer I’m offering clients special rates for hosting and support. I started hosting websites for clients in 2015 as a way to ensure I could fully support their website at all levels.

WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites with over 35% of all websites on the Internet made with it. But it does require regular maintenance and attention to ensure your website is secure and operating efficiently. The number one cause of websites getting hacked and having problems is lack of regular server support.

You Need a Good Foundation

You need a good foundation for your investment! Many budget and telephone/TV supplier hosting options are not suitable for a WordPress website.

 I believe all small businesses deserve to have premium services at affordable rates. While you can get hosting for pennies a month, you get what you pay for – and that typically is trouble down the road. Few of these budget hosting plans maintain your WordPress site beyond a few basics occasionally updates.

Not only do you receive advanced hosting on high-end managed servers, but I also manage the technical aspects of your WordPress website. What does that mean? I make sure the bits that make your website load fast and always works are in tip-top shape. If you have a technical problem, I’m the one you reach out to. Need a new page? New content? A new landing page? Petryna Advertising is there for you too!

The hosting packages below will cover most client scenarios at the lowest discounted cost available only to Petryna Advertising clients. If your project requires more advanced features, I’ll work with you to customize every aspect of your hosting and support requirements to meet your needs.

Protect your website investment by starting with a strong foundation!

All Packages Provide:

  • Your website lives in a modern-day castle fortress called a Data Centre. This state-of-the-art building located in Toronto is climate-controlled, security restricted with numerous redundancies.
  • Server configuration optimized specifically for WordPress to be reliable, fast and secure.
  • Contact form emails are stored on the server as well as delivered securely and reliably to your inbox. Never miss a message from a customer or client!
  • Near unlimited bandwidth for high-traffic websites. We can customize to meet any needs.
  • Configuration and setup refined over years of providing support to small businesses, your website runs on the same systems I use for my business and community organization websites.
  • Google Maps API access – remove the fuss of dealing with Google Accounts to set up maps for your site.
  • Google Analytics – Same as above, everything is taken care of for you with full access to your data provided. You own your data, always!

All applicable taxes apply. Subscriptions billed to your credit card each month until cancellation. Yearly payments are available.  This offer does not include content changes to your website, graphic design, creating new sections or new site development.

Technical Bits

Your website will be hosted on the same type of server as this website, including the same care and security. Your website will be physically located in an industry-grade data center in North America. Based on the information you provide regarding the traffic to your site, your site’s new home will be tailored to meet all your needs. For even more technical information, please contact me.

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After filling out the below information, I will contact you regarding your website and the information required to migrate your site. Sites will be migrated in the order new accounts have been received. Your site should not experience any downtime during the migration process – the entire process will be explained in detail before we start.