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I prefer to offer clients web solutions built upon WordPress as it provides them with the most cost-effective and supportable foundation from which to build from. I have mostly been called to rescue sites abandoned by their original developer. I prefer to provide clients with the tools and capabilities to manage their own site, providing assistance as required. 

My rapid site development techniques are also favourable to startups looking for a professional online presence without burning their entire budget. One example was for Trispectra, communicating to potential investors how their power line monitoring devices functioned. Taking their promotional video shot using drones of power lines, I used animation software to illustrate their devices as beacons on the power lines transmitting from device to device. The short 10-second video looped on the homepage. The theme was continued on the pages of the site by showing the same illustrations on photos of different transmission power lines.


Don’t let the ask for a quote scare you – websites are as unique as you and each will require varying levels of effort. In telling me your ideas, I’ll be able to provide you with options to fit your needs and budget. The goal is to provide you with a solid foundation and to build from there.

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