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PhotonMaster Luminometer Development

My most significant project to date took nearly four years and showcases my problem solving and self-directed learning abilities. I designed and developed the world’s first USB-powered and controlled portable luminometer for field use in industrial applications. Put simply, it detects low levels of light. Very low. Down to single photons which are sampled over a length of time and reported as a number in Relative Light Units (RLU).

By night, I would research plastic injection moulding, photomultiplier tubes, triboluminescence of materials and solve the issues that would arise during the day. It was a project that pushed me far beyond what I thought my capabilities were. Except for the circuit board controller inside the unit, which was designed by Terry Patterson, I was responsible for every other aspect of developing the product. Most of this was due to the early days of LuminUltra having limited funding and no budget to hire the necessary resources. I did it because it needed to be done.

The other side of the coin in addition to the PhotonMaster device was its software, initially developed for Kemira. The web application served to analyze the data provided by the PhotonMaster luminometer and provide advice to wastewater operators. The software also controlled the device, which at the time, was the first of its kind. My involvement in the software was the initial UI/UX design.

The device is still in use today, sold globally and to my knowledge, highly successful, representing a major portion of the company’s revenue. As a result of my contributions to LuminUltra, the company has evolved its analytical software offerings on par with their original ATP test kit products.

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