Industrial Design

My most significant project to date took nearly four years and showcases my problem solving and self-directed learning abilities. I designed and developed the world’s first USB-powered and controlled portable luminometer for field use in industrial applications. Put simply, it detects low levels of light. Very low. Down to single photons and then it counts them.

Describing the project would require a small booklet in terms of problems to overcome and learning outcomes. It was a project that pushed me far beyond what I thought my capabilities were. The device is still used today, sold globally and to my knowledge, highly successful, representing a major portion of the company’s revenue.



The only aspect of the PhotonMaster I did not design, was the PCB control board. That was the brilliant work of Terry Patterson. Every other aspect, I did. From the CAD design of the enclosure, mechanics and optics of the device, to soldering of the components and assembly of prototypes and production units. And then the marketing materials needed for the product- I did it all over nearly a four-year period.